Notorious Sandwiches

Served with One Side. Substitution of Gluten-Free Bun (Additional $1.25).

Plain Jane Sandwich

#01 Plain Jane Pulled Pork- $9.49

Oakwood smoked pulled pork topped with apple fennel slaw, with your choice of sauce on a coconut pineapple roll.

Plaine Jane Brisket

#02 Plain Jane Sliced Brisket- $10.99

Oakwood smoked brisket with your choice of sauce on a coconut pineapple roll.

The Big Floyd

#03 The Big Floyd- $11.99

Oakwood smoked brisket, pulled pork, Fred Stokes sausage, citrus peanut slaw, topped with french fries and served on a coconut pineapple roll.

Banh Mi Sandwich

#04 Bánh mì- $10.99

Oakwood smoked pulled pork, tender char-grilled chopped chicken thighs, or deep fried pork belly with lucky dragon
sauce, pickled vegetables, jalapeño, and garlic ginger aioli on a toasted baguette. (Seasoned Tofu $9.99)

Mills 50 Sandwich

#05 Mills 50- $11.99

Oakwood smoked brisket, house-made pimento cheese, caramelized onions, and red peppers served on a coconut pineapple roll.

Mata Hambre Sandwich

#06 Matahambre aka "Hunger Killer"- $10.99

Oakwood smoked brisket, fried cheese, fancy sauce, potato sticks and a sunny side up egg served with a toasted baguette.

The WAPer

#07 WAPer- $14.99

Wet ass pork and pork belly topped with mac & cheese, pickled red onion, crispy onion strings, Carolina Gold BBQ sauce and one sticky rib.

Bento Box


Served with Jasmine Rice & Cuban Black Beans, mixed green salad with ginger garlic dressing, Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Honey Sriracha. NO SUBSTITUTIONS
Chicken Bento Box

#08 Chopped Chicken W/ Pineapple- $10.99

Pulled Pork Bento

#09 Oakwood Smoked Pulled Pork- $10.99

RIb Bento Box

#10 Oakwood Smoked Ribs- $12.99


Urban Tacos

Served on a Warm Flour Tortilla. Also Available to be served on a Gluten-Free Cron Tortilla, Over Mixed Greens or Over Jasmine Rice.

Pork Belly Taco

#12 Pork Belly Taco- $4.49ea

Deep fried pork belly, dragon sauce, citrus peanut slaw topped with toasted peanuts, scallions and black sesame seeds.

Butter Chicken Taco

#13 Butter Chicken Taco- $3.99ea

Jasmine rice topped with char-grilled chopped chicken thighs, tikka
masala sauce, pepitas, jalapeño and cilantro.

Pork Al Pastor Taco

#14 Pork al Pastor taco- $3.99ea

Pulled pork with roasted pineapple, onion, cilantro, and ancho pepper sauce.

Chicken Al Pastor Taco

#15 Chicken al Pastor taco- $3.99ea

Char-grilled chopped chicken thighs with roasted pineapple, onion, cilantro and ancho pepper sauce.

Shrimp and Sausage Taco

#16 Shrimp & Sausage Taco- $4.49ea

Shrimp and Chorizo with cilantro sauce, corn, pickled red onions and scallions.

La Vaca Tahkaw

#17 La Vaca Tahkaw- $4.49ea

Smoked brisket, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese, toasted black sesame seeds and drive-in sauce (fancy sauce plus relish).

Korean Kimchee

#18 Korean Kimcheeze Taco- $3.99ea

Char-grilled chopped chicken thighs, spicy kimchi with a mixture of red onion, red pepper, jalapeño, cilantro and pepper jack cheese.

Barbakoa Platters


All Platters Come with a Choice of 2 Sides and a Sauce. Brisket, Pork and Combo Platters also Come with Warm Flour Tortillas. Gluten-Free Substitutions available.

Oakwood Smoked Ribs

#19 Oakwood Smoked Ribs. Biggest Rack In Town

1/4 Rack, 1/2 Rack, or Full Rack- 12.99/19.99/32.99 

Two Meat Combo

#20 2 Meat Combo- $16.99

(Select Two: pork, char grilled chopped chicken thighs, brisket, or sausage)

Pulled Pork Platter

#21 Oakwood Smoked Pulled Pork- $15.99

Brisket Platter

#22 Oakwood Smoked Brisket- $18.99

Spice Roasted Half Chicken

#23 Spiced Roasted Chicken

1/2 Chicken- 13.99

Char Grilled Chicken

#24 Char-Grilled Chicken Thighs- $13.99

Seasoned Tofu

#25 Fried Seasoned tofu- $11.99


#26 Citrus Chicken Salad- $10.99

Grilled Chicken, pickled carrots, scallions, cilantro, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, wonton strips with citrus ginger dressing

#27 Southwest Salad- $10.99

Choice of protein, corn, tomatoes, black beans, cotija cheese, tortilla strips with creamy Southwest Dressing



Served with rice and beans or fries, except Mac & Cheese. No Substitutions.
(Additional $2.00 for Adults.)

Pork Sliders- 5.99

Cheese Quesadilla- 5.99

Chicken Sliders- 5.99

Fried Chicken Tenders- 5.99

Chicken Quesadilla- 5.99

Mac & Cheese- 5.99

Sides & More



Jasmine Rice & Cuban Black Beans- 2.99

*Beans are prepared with pork

Maduros- 2.99

French Fries- 2.99


Yuca Frita- 2.99

With fancy sauce

Mexican Street Corn- 3.99

With chili-lime butter, cilantro aioli topped with cotija cheese and chives

Dragon Green Beans- 3.99

Baked Beans- 3.99


White Cheddar Mac & Cheese - 3.99


Ask us about our featured seasonal desserts!

Get Sauced


Need Some Suggestions? Just ask

Sweet BBQ (GF)

Hot BBQ (GF)

Chimichurri (GF)

Honey Sriracha (GF)

Lucky Dragon (Teriyaki Sauce)

Tikka Masala (GF)

Fancy Sauce (Pink Sauce) (GF)

Cilantro Aioli (GF)


Served with Choice of Sauce and Flour Tortillas.

1/2 Spiced Roasted Chicken- $11.99

1 LB of char grilled chopped Chicken- $13.99

Feeds 3

1 LB Oakwood smoked pulled pork- $14.99

Feeds 3

1 Lb of Fred stokes sliced sausage- $16.99

Feeds 3

1 LB of Oakwood Smoked Brisket- $19.49

Feeds 3

Full Rack of Oakwood Smoked Ribs- $31.99

Feeds 3


Feeds 3

1 LB of Oakwood Smoked PORK BELLY- $18.99

Feeds 3

Apple Fennel Slaw- $13.99/$24.99

Md feeds 6-8/ Lg Feeds 12

Jasmine Rice & Cuban Black Beans- $13.99/$24.99

Md feeds 6-8/ Lg Feeds 15-20 

*Beans are prepared with pork

Maduros- $13.99/$24.99

Md feeds 6-8/ Lg Feeds 15-20

Mexican Street Corn- $13.99/$26.99

W/ Chili-lime butter, cilantro aioli topped with cotija cheese and chives.

Md feeds 6-8/Lg feeds 12

Dragon Green Beans- $13.99/$26.99

Md feeds 6-8/ Lg Feeds 12

Mac & Cheese- $18.99/$32.99

Md feeds 6-8/ Lg Feeds 15

Baked Beans- $13.99/$24.99

Md feeds 6-8/Lg feeds 15 *Vegetarian

Gallon of beverage- $4.99

Unsweet Tea/Sweet Tea/Lemonade

Cookie Tray- $42.99/$114.99

Sm Qty 40/Lg Qty 100


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Delivery Available/Orders Over 5 Lbs require 24-Hour Advanced Notice.

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